London to France 01


I find myself sat down in front of my computer trying to find the words that describe better everything that I’ve been picturing in my head about my moving from London to France. Not an easy task.

The first thing that comes up though, is how often I use the word “London” to talk about my life in England and the word “France”, to talk about my new life in Angoulême. Cannot we think of London like a completely different world? I haven’t lived in many big cities, and I guess they might be the same sort of thing at some point, but for me, my life in London was such an special experience.

In fact, I left London approximately two months ago, and since then I have been living in the peaceful and small town of Angoulême (mid-south of France). I reckon it hasn’t been easy to adapt (language, culture, people…), actually, I’m still adapting to this new kind of life. But day after day, the good company, the good food, the good weather and the beauty of the different landscapes you can spot around, definitely help you in that transition.

There are plenty of new experiences awaiting, and I’m ready for everything still to come. New country, new language, new people, new job, it looks like a new life in general, and I admit big changes like those can be scary at some point . But moving is a thing to what you finally get used to. In the end, if you stay faithful to yourself and to your own principles, the only thing that really changes is the world around you . You just improve.


Getting lost in Ireland

The day started way earlier than usual the 20th of November in London. It is 2am and we must get out of bed to take the bus that will bring us to the train station, to take the train that will bring us to the airport, to take the plane that will bring us to…yeah, it was definitely a pretty exhausting morning.

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